Sara Catterall was born in Ankara, grew up in South Minneapolis, majored in Drama at NYU (via Strasberg and the Experimental Theater Wing) and completed her MLIS at Syracuse University. That education in theater, literature, and research informs everything she writes.

Her interest in history is inherited. She was raised by people who could never stay on the obvious surface of anything, but always looked for the paths beneath the roads we walk on now, the long treasured skills, and the ideas we’ve argued for centuries.

Her interest in the future springs from her awareness of where we’ve been, our long fights and lost opportunities, the dropped threads that lie ready to be picked up again.

 She has worked as a professional book indexer, and as a librarian at Cornell University. Currently, she is a member of Biographers International Organization, and serves on the Executive Board of her local independent bookstore, Buffalo Street Books.